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  Linyi Huihang Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded in 2005 in Pingyi County Economic Development Area of Shandong Province (The company was formerly known as Pingyi Xingping Machinery Plant, which was founded in 1993.) and specializes in the manufacture of gypsum board and gypsum powder production lines. Our main business operations include the research & development, manufacture, installation, debugging and production of production equipments for gypsum plaster board, gypsum powder, chemical gypsum powder and other complete production units.
  By integrating process design, manufacture, installation, debugging and production, the company has witnessed remarkable improvement in its size of projects, level of automation and product quality in past two decades and put into place well-established functional departments and supporting systems concerning design, manufacture, installation, debugging, after-sale service etc. Now the company has become a comprehensive design & production unit engaging in engineering design, consultation, supervision, engineering management and contracting, technical research and development, and electro-machinery manufacture. Supported by strong technical background, complete professional equipments, rich design experience and great capability in research and development of new process, new technology and complete electromechanical equipments, it presently has a meter-gypsum board production line with an annual production capacity of 2 million-80 million sq. meters under its independent intellectual property right. Owing to low investment, quick economic return and high cost performance, the production line has experienced rapid promotion and application in the gypsum board industry both at home and abroad.
  In the past two decades, the company has set up a total of more than 300 gypsum plaster board and gypsum powder production lines both at home and abroad, covering over one-third of the design capacity of the Chinese gypsum board industry. As the most competitive gypsum board machinery manufacturer in China, Huihang Machinery has been operated under the principle of “satisfying customers and facilitating customer development” and presently our products have been sold to numerous countries and regions in Middle East, Central Asia, South America, Southeast Asia etc. Owing to universal approval of our product quality, Huihang has won the title of “the most reliable partner” from customers. Filling the gap for supplying gypsum-specific building material equipments to small and medium-sized enterprises both at home and abroad, our products were rated by China Building Materials Industry Association as the designated and recommended product of China’s building material industry.
  Based on the spirit of “innovation, dedication, integrity, pragmatism, solidarity and devotion”, we shall do our utmost to offer our customers such service as engineering design, technical consultation, product R&D, equipment manufacture, engineering supervision, management and contracting. We sincerely hope to establish partnership with friends both at home and abroad through diversified channels in an effort to achieve common development.

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