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Natural Gypsum Powder Production Line

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  Take the natural gypsum powder as raw material
  Output: annual production of 10,000 tons to 800,000 million tons 
  1. Brief descriptions of production process
  The crusher crushes the gypsum ore in large size into small particles of no more than 25mm, which shall be stored and controlled of input quantity by the electric vibrator before grinding in the grinder. Put the qualified gypsum powder into the furnace in fluid bed for calcination and then store the qualified gypsum powder in the clinker warehouse.
  2. System structure
  According to technological requirements, this production line consists of four parts: crushing, grinding, calcination in furnace in fluid bed, finished product storage and packing & shipping.
  Features of system structure:
  a. Advanced technology, mature and stable process, being widely used in gypsum board production line both at home and abroad;
  b. The equipments adopted are of reliable quality, great ability in expansion and overproduction, low repair frequency and easy maintenance;
  c. Good leak tightness, high efficiency in dust elimination and free from dust pollution;
  d. Totally integrated automation control system ensures lower labor intensity for the on-site staff;
  3. Electrical control system
  The electrical control system adopts the advanced DCS (distributed control system), which conducts centralized control over all the dispersed equipments.
  4. The technological processes are specified as follows.
  As the gypsum industry has been developing rapidly, there is a growing demand on high-quality gypsum powder by various businesses and industries and the production technology of gypsum powder keeps improving accordingly. The drying and dehydration process, among all the gypsum powder production and processing links, proves to be a key process and the most difficult to be grasped. As a result, we have, according to years of exploration and research in the gypsum powder production and deep processing industry, developed the furnace in fluid bed –a new generation of dewatering equipment applicable to the production of various gypsum powder.   
  1. Main operating principles of the drying system of the furnace in fluid bed:
  The main body of the furnace is mainly composed of radiator coil tube with dense paths. The tubes shall be supplied with conduction oil, the heat of which shall be released inside the furnace through heat transfer. A roots blower shall be installed on the bottom of the furnace, and the air distributor will enable the cold air to be blown into the furnace for blowing the powder inside. When the material is boiling and kept at a certain temperature, the powder will be lighter in weight due to removal of the water of crystallization and then automatically flow to the discharge port. The gypsum powder produced in this way shall be stable in quality and the content of water of crystallization and the initial and final setting time are easy to control. In addition, the equipment, after being dedusted by high-efficiency dust collector, will have a dust collection efficiency of 98% and eliminates dust pollution.
  2. Simple structure, great durability
  Because of the realization of material fluidization, the furnace needs not to have moving parts, which ensure a simpler furnace structure. In addition to easy production, the equipment is almost free of any repair and maintenance after putting into production. Application of low-temperature heat source prevents the furnace from high-temperature-induced breakdown under any circumstance, which ensures a long service life for the equipment. 
  3. Compact structure, small floor space
  The furnace is designed in a vertical structure. The dust wiper is installed above the furnace body, forming an integrated and compact structure with the furnace. The equipment not only takes up less floor space, but also keeps the dust wiper from condensation. 

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