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Installation Follow-up

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  Installation Team
  Huihang boasts a team of highly professional after-sale installation personnel. Their proficient skills, rich experience, assiduity in work and continuous efforts in innovation enable us to have completed the installation and debugging for more than a thousand projects. Besides, the team helps customers to train their operators until they can carry out independent operation.    
  Now the team of elites has been offering service all over China: they will be showing up wherever they are needed.
  Return Visit
  Customers are the prerequisite for a company to achieve great success, so we have long been attaching great importance to long-term partnership with our customers. For Huihang, approval of big customers and reliance of regular customers are of extreme importance. As a consequence, we have been adhering to the policy of “one communication and two guarantees” in maintaining a good relation with customers: one communication represents keeping a constant and in-depth communication with big customers; two guarantees stand for serving customers on the principles of guarantee service quality and the maximum profit.
  After our customers have put the machines into operation, we shall carry out irregular return visit to them in order to find out their problems and the machines’ operation, productivity and quick-wear parts at the current stage so that we can solve these problems at the very first time and offer more technical guidance. We shall also straighten out and analyze some customer feedbacks which shall be reported to the R&D department for optimal design. In this way, we can apply all the most advanced technologies to production in an effort to provide our customers with better machines more in line with their requirements. 

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